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  • Retrieved 24 September Annals of Emergency Medicine. Digestive and Liver Disease. Explicit use of et al. Study protocol and design". Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis. Retrieved 6 August Bart Ehrman's startling answers". Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 17 October New Haven County, Connecticut". Retrieved 26 September The regulation of health professionals". Retrieved 30 September Royal College of Physicians. Journal of Chromatography B. Archived from the original on 31 May Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. Archived from the original on 11 September Retrieved 19 September Retrieved 29 September Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis.

    Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Guide to best Practice. Retrieved 29 June An International Third Edition. Retrieved 15 June The Quality Assurance Journal. Food and Drug Administration United States. Archived from the original on 20 July It is a page, English-language quarterly magazine with a circulation of approximately 15, subscribers and is now in its sixth year of publication. Subscription is free to qualifying Europe-based industry professionals.

    Professional Tester is completely vendor-independent and is currently the only European publication covering the rapidly growing software testing market. From the publishers of SD Times. Capability Maturity Model Product development best practices. Die Software Testing Website Articles, book reviews, software for download, and a discussion forum. Most of the site is in german. Effective Performance Testing Presentations on a variety of performance testing topics.

    Here are some tips I learned along the way. Hope they help you reach where you want to. Has a special skill section for QA. Dice Large hi-tech job site, perm and contract.


    Locanto Jobs General purpose job site. NetTemps Contract, temporary, and permanent. Each of the jobsites allow jobseekers to search and apply for jobs online, set up Job Alerts and add a CV. When Should a Test Be Automated? It also talks about how not to misuse it. The ISTQB is the umbrella organization for the national testing boards, which have already been established in many countries across Europe and around the world. It offers over two dozen performance and memory usage profilers and productivity tools that work in unison to give you an unrivaled level of information on the state of your software projects - from inception to delivery.

    DCC reinvents code coverage. Without recompiling or relinking, function, line, decision and branch coverage information is gathered. Full source code annotation is given. Information from multiple runs can be aggregated. Higher control and data diversity higher the probability of problem detection.

    Also gives conditional coverage, as a special case of conditional diversity. Memory and resource leak detection, code profiler, function call trace, and report tools for Win32 programs. Hexawise generates both straightforward pairwise testing solutions as well as more thorough combinatorial testing results, and even risk-based tests.

    Hexawise handles constraints and has many advanced features. It has a reputation as being both the easiest-to-use and the most powerful test design tool. Static analysis features include code visualisation, programming standards enforcement and complexity metrics.

    Quality tool used for finding memory leaks. No recompile or relink is required! Application code and 3rd party code can be checked. Innovative Leak Pinpointing gives both the allocation stack and the spot of the leak. Checks applications, written in C for conformance to company coding standards, International standards, and conformance to the C standard. Using McCabe IQ, you will identify, objectively measure, and report on the complexity and quality of your code at the application and enterprise level. McCabe IQ's robust and easy to understand test coverage solution shows you what has been tested, how thoroughly, and if the code has been tested after changes have been made.

    Static source cod analysis tool to automate the detection of catastrophic software defects at compile time. Developed at Stanford University, Coverity's technology is used at nearly 80 companies to ensure that code is secure and high quality. The resulting data is displayed in coverage reports, color-annotated call-trees and digraphs with capabilities of viewing the source code. Very low probe overhed.

    Useful for application and embedded contexts.

    How To Install Flexispy Without the Target Device

    Graphical display of coverage over source code; text and XML summaries. A a free online tool for the software testing community that has a few design tools like Pairwise test case generator and a few test data generators like size-based file generator. Unit-testing tool that automatically tests classes written on Microsoft's. NET Framework without requiring developers to write a single test scenario or stub. AberroTest is a functional test and verification product that works at the user interface level. The AETG algorithms employ combinatorial design techniques to create minimal sets of tests that cover all the pairwise interactions among input values.

    Free trial account 14 days available. Implemented as a service delivered via our site, so there is no software to install. Tool for creating Test Cases based on Functional Requirements, which can be used in a collaborative environment by all project team members and can handle changes and requirements of any complexity. Avignon Acceptance Testing System. Acceptance test system that allows you to write executable tests in a language that you define. It uses XML to define the syntax of the language but, if you choose to extend the language, leaves the semantics of the tests up to you.

    Its automatic synchronization features discover minor application changes during playback. Test can run unsupervised, as often as required.

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    Redstone was acquired in by a UK-based company called Testplant. Despite the change in name, Eggplant's development continues unabated. It has a unique approach in that it does not reside on the system, and uses image matching technology as opposed to looking to the object-level of the application being tested. This allows for system-wide automation of a system-under-test as opposed to an application-specific solution. It also means that the technology used to build the application to be tested does not matter, nor does the system that the application runs on. A tool that generates new test cases using a new technology of event-flow graphs.

    Coverage event and code is evaluated. Automated acceptance testing of applications with parallel execution in multiple environments. In Haven you can test as many products as you want. Haven can test all branches of your products simultaneously. Uses fault simulation to emulate real-world application and system errors. This allows testers and developers to work in a controlled, repeatable environment to analyze and debug error-handling code in hostile environments. Simple ready-to-use assertions help to compare the expected data to the concrete data of the pdf document.

    Has an intelligent state machine engine that makes real-time decisions for navigating through the GUI portion of an application without scripts.

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    Testers simply enter test data into a spreadsheet which is used to populate the objects that appear for the particular test scenario defined. Eclipse-based platform for automated software testing and covers the software life cycle from the specification up to the maintenance phase. Test development and execution tool for GUI and character-based client-server software testing.

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    Records software process execution at multiple levels to provide unmatched visibility into process execution. With Repro you can record, annotate, and playback: Video capture of user actions System level traces of operations and data streams System resource usage and performance graphs A complete summary of the PC's configuration at the time the bug occurred Each captured component is viewed simultaneously during playback to give the software professional an integrated and organized view of the recording along each dimension.

    The leading provider of SAP software quality assurance testing tools and products. Generates test narratives and fully executable scripts for WinRunner, TestPartner, SilkTest and other automation engines with out the need for understanding or knowing the underlying programming language. Provides a single point of maintenance using global "find and replace" features for test data, object definitions and action definitions. With no modifications to the application, it is possible to test the application using recorded or manually written test scripts in different scripting languages.

    Test automation for applications on mainframe and mid range proprietary and UNIX platforms. Keyword-driven test automation framework. It includes automation support for the most common platforms in use today, along with powerful version-control features to support team-based test automation.

    Automated test manager, with unmatched support for unit, functional, regression, distributed and HTTP performance testing at the project level. Designed for application developers and testers alike, TestComplete will help you to achieve thorough Quality Assurance in development from the first line of code right through delivery and maintenance, with no surprises along the way. Ship superior applications, and ship them on time. NET, Java, and Web applications.

    A "3rd generation" test automation solution, which uses a roles-based software test automation approach to Design, Build and Run test cases. Windows-based software regression-testing tool for testing stand-alone or browser-based applications. With our direct integration into Internet Explorer, testing a web-based application or website is as easy as testing any other application. Just use the application as you normally would, and HighTest will take care of the rest. Or you can customize the generated scripts to harness the full power of HighTest.

    HighTest gives you the flexibility to work the way you want to, in a product that is easier to use than ANY other automated software testing tool on the market. Free tool for automated software testing based on VNC technology which enables to program, verify and reproduce behavior of a remote computer via RFB protocol and generate a comprehensive report.

    AppLoader is a load and functional testing software that simulates hundreds or thousands of end users interacting with your application. It is protocol independent and works with any application accessible from a windows desktop. Appswatch is an automated testing tool for functional, regression, and GUI testing.

    BugTimer was designed to streamline the entire process of timing and documenting Performance Test results into one Application. BugTimer is a timer application that records, displays, saves, sorts, and prints Performance Test results. Utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. HttpMaster is a development tool to automate testing of web sites and services, including RESTful web services and API applications, and monitor their responses. With HttpMaster you can easily execute and monitor requests to simulate client activity; it can execute requests against various web servers and display complete request and response data.

    HttpMaster is also able to generate high volume of web traffic for improved testing. Loadea is composed with 3 modules: Control module to define test and deploy it on several machines: Analyze module to analyze test using proven mathematical formalism which helps classify information from test, generate reports, print and export data.

    Monitor Master helps Operators and Content Developers ensure that end-users of wireless applications will have the best quality of experience possible - regardless of the handset being used. A "Load Appliance" for running performance testing applications that can emulate millions of users. Ixia's portable and rack-mounted chassis provide a managable, scalable, repeatable platform that eliminates the need for large numbers of PCs.

    Massive test results can be displayed in real-time, logged and analyzed with built-in graphical reporting. Shunra's solutions enable IT professionals to pre-empt application performance problems and avoid downtime. By creating a mirror image of the production network environment in the lab, Shunra's products enable customers to accurately evaluate the functionality and scalability of networked applications - before and after deployment.

    It checks the SQL statements and reports on the slowest features. It tells you exactly where to spend time that will make a difference to the speed of your application. WinFeedback is a Windows scripting extension for testing, monitoring and automation purposes, like response timing, up-timing, functional testing, stress testing, health monitoring, task automation. XtremeLoad is a software framework for load testing of distributed software systems. It provides an extensible, scalable, and easy-to-use foundation on which you can build a comprehensive and cost-effective load testing solution tailored to your product.

    It supports recording and playback at both low and high levels of abstraction. Open source J2EE benchmarking system. It enables the development of complex artificial J2EE test-beds without requiring a single line of code. Such test-beds can be used for: Creating working J2EE applications when you just need to have some running systems maybe you are learning J2EE or you work on some other aspects of a larger system and you need a working J2EE application for testing everything together.

    Mock object implementation for unit testing both Java interfaces and classes. AgileTest works at the bytecode level, enabling non-intrusive dynamic mock generation - without the generation of additional source artefacts or the constraints of the Java proxy mechanism. Free for non-commercial use. It is protocol independent and works with all Java applications. Specification and execution of tests will be automated for web front end and business logic layer. One goal is to integrate with existing frameworks and tools. We started with eclipse struts and junit integration. The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code.

    It uses JUnit and extends it. Coverage tool for Java programs of all types: Features ease of use, low overhead, HTML reports, branch level coverage, test case breakdowns, and more. Java testing tool that provides a GUI to aid developers in building test cases and test scripts. It allows the testers to accomplish unit and regression test without programming effort.

    Created tests are highly reusable and easily maintainable. Because of the nature of the object recognition, tests are resilient to changes in the application under test. Platform independent; runs as standalone application or as an Eclipse plugin.

    Operations (Ops)

    An open source library that can be used to create tests for Java GUI applications. Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Framework for writing and running automated tests, based on JUnit.

    Regression testing framework for the developer who implements unit tests in Java. Code coverage computation application written in Java. Its main features are: Uses "inline testing" technology to talk to every component within your infrastructure. Marathon composes of recorder, runner and editor. The testscripts are composed of python code. It supports server-side unit, functional, performance, stability and regression testing.

    A tool to objectively assess the quality of your Java and. It works by integrating state-of-the-art 3rd party code analyzers with a sophisticated ISO Standard software quality model. Code coverage analyzer for Java. Features true bit native executables, advanced compiler-based source-language scanning technology, improved runtime support, and full GUI access to a project's function and method digraphs, and current and past-test coverage data at the branch C1 level. Tests embedded software components - processes, subsystems, etc.

    With MessageMagic, one can test a certain component by simulating its neighbour components. Contains tools for visualization of messages traffic also ASN. The test suites exercise large portions of the software under test while avoiding redundancy, thereby maximizing the probability of finding defects within the time available for software testing.

    The generated tests store model-generated outputs as well as inputs so that Tester-generated test harnesses can automatically check the correctness of source code implementations of models. Offers module testing of C code directly on the target system using standard debugging technology. It supports the whole unit testing cycle and works transparently on all supported target debuggers.

    Automated testing of any mobile device or application, tests the actual end-user experience, and allows testing of multiple devices, enabling end-to-end testing. VectorCAST enables companies to significantly reduce the time, effort and cost to validate safety DOB , mission, and business critical systems. Test data generator, used for creating intelligent data in almost any database or text file. GS DataGenerator enables users to: Complete application testing by inflating a database with meaningful data Create industry-specific data that can be used for a demonstration Protect data privacy by creating a clone of the existing data and masking confidential values Accelerate the development cycle by simplifying testing and prototyping.

    Fully customizable utility that generates data, tables views, procedures etc for database testing performance testing, QA testing, load testing or usability testing purposes. This tool allows you to create and configure a continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP query execution and OLTP adding, modifying and deleting data in the database types. This way, they can quickly identify and react to potential bugs before they escalate into user frustration.

    Learning about potential problems within minutes of them occurring can get your DevOps team on the job right away. Half the battle in development is knowing that something has gone wrong with your app. We are a leader in the business of quickly alerting teams about the presence of potential problems in their mobile apps and websites. Proactively measure your app by getting real-time alerts as performance degradations are happening, often before users are impacted.

    Operations (Ops) | Perfecto

    Our tool serves both sides of the DevOps wall, encouraging shared language, shared learning, and team efficiency. Assure high-end user experiences and reduce the time it takes to fix response times and availability-related defects. Leverage visual reports, logs and video to achieve testing goals. Our website uses cookies to give you the best online experience and provide functionality essential to our services.

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